About Intuitive Bodywork

“There are a few elements that set Donna apart as a bodyworker. One is the breadth of her knowledge and experience. Another is her compassionate nature and the complete attention she devotes to her clients. A third element is the comprehensive & holistic quality of her sessions.

Donna has a deep understanding that a person is more than just the sum of his/her parts. Lifestyle, diet, and spiritual, mental & emotional state are all taken into consideration during her treatments.

Essentially, Donna sees you in the entirety of who you are and will address each aspect with the care it deserves.”

“As a fellow massage therapist,  I have grown particular over the years, but I can not reccomend enough the healing work of Donna. I was literally drawn into Donna’s healing space on a whim one day, and I am so grateful for the chance meeting. 

What I love best about Donna’s work is the way she expertly integrates the multitude of modalities she is highly skilled at. Each session I received was unique to my needs at the time. Her compassion and presence were refreshing.  She genuinely listened to me and got a sense of where I was at physically,  mentally and spiritually and tailored the session accordingly.” 

About the Women's Gathering

“Thank you so very much for a wonderful experience yesterday. 

I have to tell you that I have never felt so vulnerable yet empowered all at the same time. What a wonderful feeling to be so warmly welcomed by this unique and gifted group of women. 

There was some higher power that drew me into this group at the right time and I am so grateful 
that you all welcomed me with loving arms. I cannot wait to see you all again. 

Feeling blessed by Donna”