What Is Soul Healing?

Soul healing is healing on a deeper level than just what meets the eye.  The soul is the “essence” of a body part, system, organ, or condition. Everyone and everything has a soul.  When the soul is addressed first in self-healing, it is more effective and goes beyond energetic or physical healing.  

The soul directs the heart, mind and body.  When healing, all aspects must be addressed: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. The soul directs the heart, mind and body and interacts with them.  Inside the body, every system, organ, body part and cell has a soul. The soul directs the transformation of matter inside the cell and energy in the space around the cell.

What to Expect

During the initial session Intuitive Soul Healing, an intake is performed to bring you present in your awareness of your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual patterns. Many times, there is a soul, heart, mind/body disconnect when trauma occurs or an imbalance is created by the everyday stresses of life.

After listening to the messages your body conveys (much like a telegram being delivered through a telegraph wire), self-healing protocols are employed to connect the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself to realign, remove blockages and achieve optimal alignment and balancing.

Recommendations for self-healing and self-empowerment will be offered, along with follow-up treatment, if necessary.

Some of the Benefits You May Experience:

  • Soul healing can help relieve the mind of anxiety, depression, excessive sorrow, and many other mental health issues.
  • Soul healing can reawaken your soul to perform at its highest potential
  • Soul healing can remove negative mindsets, attitudes and beliefs and transform them to a higher vibrational frequency
  • Soul healing brings clarity of vision and peace of mind

Consultations are Complimentary