Integrative Bodywork & Alignment

Integrative Bodywork involves an initial assessment of your current health status together with an intuitive custom-tailored session designed to achieve alignment of your energy meridians, emotions, organs, systems and body structure.  The benefits of regular integrative bodywork & alignment are numerous, including stress reduction and a more balanced sense of overall well-being.

$120 | 90 minutes


Lifestyle Coaching & Nutritional Protocols

Your personal lifestyle coaching session will provide a roadmap for you to modify your current lifestyle habits to suit your current status of health and take you gently to a healthier way of living for greater well-being and longevity.

$120 |  90 minutes

Soul Readings for Clarity

By choosing three areas of your life where you would like more clarity, through soul reading and soul conferences,  you will receive wisdom for making pivotal life decisions for any aspect of your life– always for your highest good.  Your individualized reading will be approximately 40 minutes long and may be recorded for future reference.

$120 |  40 minutes

Intuitive Soul Healings

Intuitive soul healings are provided in response to a direct request from you for soul healing and  improvement of a health condition, life situation, relationship or any aspect of your life. Soul healing techniques and practices are implemented and combined with intuitive bodywork  to assist you in your healing, along with a follow-up visit and self-empowerment technique recommendations are offered.

$150 | 60 minutes

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