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Women's Empowerment Circle


This is a confidential, spiritual, safe haven to collectively gather in a supportive environment of non-judgment and allowance for who we we each are. The intention is to create a joyful, loving and sacred container of women who want to meet regularly and build relational wealth in a compassionate atmosphere.

We meet twice a month for one-and-a-half hours. The format is a short grounding meditation, a brief check-in to become present in the gathering followed by another round of deeper connection with a spirit of allowance for each woman to express her feelings and thoughts without interruption or cross-talk or offering of solutions.

By allowing each woman to express her highest self, the group moves gracefully into a place where she can process her internal dialogue externally for her own benefit and for the benefit of all women present. What is usually up for one person is most likely something we are collectively experiencing as we are all in Quantum Entanglement with one another (more about that later).


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