I teach a signature methodology to help people break free of limiting beliefs and realize their pure potential.

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Donna Fenyes

Meet Donna

I have trained in complementary and alternative healthcare for the past 23 years.  I am devoted to facilitating you in self-empowerment to achieve a healthier, more aligned and balanced experience in all aspects of your life.  

I offer customized consultations specific to the needs of my clients for their highest well-being. I employ various techniques to align and balance the soul, heart, mind and body and educate my clients in practices and techniques for self-care and healing.

Clarity • Intention • Action • Realization


Conscious Coaching

Your personal coaching session will provide a roadmap for you to modify your current lifestyle habits to suit your current status of health and take you gently to a healthier way of living for greater well-being and longevity.


Tao Healing Blessing

A holistic approach to empower the soul, heart, mind and body to heal themselves.


Soul Reading for Clarity

Receive guidance for making pivotal life decisions with clarity.

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Conscious Community Building


Women's Empowerment Gatherings

This is a confidential, spiritual, safe haven to collectively gather in a supportive environment of non-judgment and allowance for who we each are. The intention is to create a joyful, loving and sacred container of women who want to meet regularly and build relational wealth in a compassionate atmosphere.

Every Other Saturday 

10:00 – 11:30am

Every Other Monday




Heart Speak Circle Immersion Programs for Men and Women

Heart Speak Circle is a safe, grounded environment for men and women to come together and honestly connect and begin to understand on a visceral level Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine attributes. Awareness of these universal attributes is foundational for radical honesty, harmony and wholeness.

Next Workshop:

February 2024 in Baja 

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Remote sessions are available via Zoom and WhatsApp.


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